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The Hobbit that died!

Kuzso, Mar 24, 14 11:20 AM.
The Insane Hobbit run that took place on Sunday was a great success, and alot of fun! The hobbit, "Saveme" died when he was almost at his destination! If the mobs had been held off for a few more minuted, we may have learned the answer to the greater question! Why is Elrond sending this mad hobbit on these crazy quests across Middle Earth? Well,..maybe success will come next time out! In the meantime the Eye keeps watching,..what does it see? What is it searching for,..tantilizing clues to the greater mystery!

Insane Hobbit did not run

Kuzso, Mar 18, 14 8:00 AM.
This past weeks Insane Hobbit run was rained out,..or,..ahh was cancelled, or ,,ahh yeah not enough interest, we will host it again next week!!!

Guide for Hunter Virtues

Kuzso, Mar 10, 14 10:06 AM.
A new guide has been added to the Resource page! If you feel that this guide is helpful please make comments here. I have tryed to gather the info required in one locale for your ease of use. If you feel its helpful than I will make similar guides for each class.

Bree Goldrush Scavenger Hunt

Kuzso, Mar 10, 14 8:53 AM.
Across the fields of South Bree, and Lakes in the North they ran and swam!! They hunted and searched out the little darkest least known corners of Bree and the surrounding area!! Grizz a late comer to the hunt made fast headway but Carr who had maintained a small lead throughout preservered!! Loqu kept the hunt interesting and stayed a close second up towards the end but was chellenged for that position by Col!! The great hunt lasted more than an hour as planned and ended as always in the Prancing Pony!! Carr was victorious but decided to share her winning with all who participated!! Gratz to all and hope to see you next week for the Return of the Insane Hobbit!!!

The Insane Hobbit!!!

Kuzso, Mar 3, 14 2:47 PM.
The Insane hobbit, Savemee was given a mission that he reluctantly undertook!! Coersced by a beating from Loqu, he decided he had not choice and death was the only option he faced no matter what he decided! The Legion took on the role of escort!! Through dangerpous lands froth with enemies on all sides we tryed to help Savemme make it alive!! Saddly this was not to be, and he perished when only minutes away was the reciever of his deep secret,,of which we will now never know!! Thank you all who participated!!
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